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Hensley House
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To parents and potential residents


Welcome! And congratulations for making it this far!


I know it has been a long and tough journey, and the fact that you are looking at sober living homes is a great sign.


It means that you understand the importance of being in an environment that will allow you or your loved one to succeed in maintaining sobriety.


Well, that’s all we do here.

My only focus and goal is to facilitate a launching pad that will allow you or your loved one to take off into a different life.


It’s really that simple.

I understand what you have experienced, and I understand how you are feeling right now.


I lived in a sober living home after leaving a 90-day treatment center. I was the house manager of a sober living home here in Austin, Texas, for a year before opening Hensley House.


During the year I was a sober home manager, I worked at an all-male, 12-step based treatment facility.  From what I have learned, I can tell you: there is no template I can publish on this website that will be perfect for you or your loved one.


Every single soul that crosses the threshold of this house is very different, and each one requires a different approach and a different style of communicating. There is no one “catch all” method that works for everyone.


What would be a checklist of common needs for new residents? I am here to help with whatever it is you are facing; and if I can’t help, I have a Rolodex that is overflowing with names and numbers of people who can. And that includes getting to your meetings because the old “I didn’t have a ride” excuse doesn’t fly here.

At Hensley House, you will find guidance, support, camaraderie, structure, and accountability.


This is a safe house located in a safe neighborhood.


Like any good patriarch, I know exactly what is going on under my roof at all times.

I own this house and I devote every moment of my day to ensuring the safety, well-being, and long-term sobriety of everyone who resides here. I would also like to make it very clear that I do not bill the resident's insurance for the urinalysis exams. Their drug tests are performed on site with no insurance involvement


Please email or call me, meet me for a coffee, let's Skype if we can’t meet in person.


Whatever it takes and however long it takes, you will feel comfortable and rest at ease knowing you or your loved one is well cared for and will be held accountable here at Hensley House Sober Living Home.


Accountability breeds responsibility.


In this home, there is one underlying motto that I repeat over and over, “We are sober gentlemen with integrity.”


Because that’s who we are.


Patrick Hensley
1719 Pebble Brook Dr
Austin, TX 78752



Patrick Hensley

1719 Pebble Brook Dr

Austin, TX 78752

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