a checklist of common needs


Need a bus pass for transportation?

Check. I needed one myself when I went to sober living, and I know exactly where to find them, and for free I might add.

Do you have legal troubles, which can make finding a job a daunting task?

Check. I know dozens and dozens of businesses that hire regardless of legal woes.


Need a recovery coach?

Check. I can name at least ten right off the top of my head.

How about a nutritionist?

Check. I know exactly where to go at zero charge.

Need food stamps to help keep food in the belly until a steady stream of income is established?

Check. I know exactly how to navigate the system to have groceries in the cupboards and fridge usually within 48 hours.

Need to get to a meeting?

Check. There is a very popular spot hosting multiple meetings a day a short 8-minute walk from Hensley House, so there is no excuse for not attending meetings.

I know all these things because I myself needed all these things at some point, and I have personal experience with each scenario.

I can help you.

Photo by Patrick Hensley (c) 2015. All rights reserved.

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