a note to new residents
Let me begin by saying...

I am "one of us."

I get it.


I went to treatment. I went to sober living. I didn’t want to, but I followed the suggestion of the discharge coordinator at the treatment facility I attended and went to sober living after leaving treatment.


It was awesome! I had a wonderful experience and really got connected with the local recovery community while learning how to live in recovery.


I learned not only how survive, but how to thrive and enjoy life.


I have designed this house and the program here by taking all the good things about the experience I had in sober living, and emphasizing those parts, while removing the pieces I felt were needless and unproductive.


I have taken extra time and effort to have every amenity you could ever want while simultaneously providing an environment that will give you every tool you could ever need to help you stay sober and have fun doing it.


I am a fun guy.


Having fun is important to me.


I believe we are not a glum lot.


Here I have found a healthy balance between accountability and freedom.


Here you will have the freedom to enjoy the abundance life has to offer.


The word “bored” doesn’t exist in this house.


Everything is close by including bus stops, meetings, shops, jobs, restaurants, and parks. There is an air of brotherhood in the house that I am very proud of. We take our recovery seriously, and we know how to relax and have fun.


We all look out for each other and understand that this disease is serious and must be treated with respect at all times.


Feel free to call me anytime, 24-7; come take a look at the house; watch the videos on this website; talk to the current residents of the house...believe me, you’ll be happy you did.


Best of luck to you sir; God’s speed. 




Patrick Hensley

1719 Pebble Brook Dr

Austin, TX 78752

©2017 by Hensley House, LLC